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Leave your mark on the map, share your local knowledge about Canadian places with other Canadians.

Google has launched a product that they call Map Maker for Canada that provides users with the ability to add and update geographic information for millions of others to see in Google Maps. People can add businesses, create building outlines, move other peoples place markers to the correct locations. So why not help out the cause by adding places of interest, your school, campus or add your business location.

Check the Map Maker User Guide for help to get started or just be like most other GIS professionals and give Google Map Maker a try and learn as you go.

Share your feedback and comments on this neat little Google Maps feature.

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    Having read many pages on your site, I believe it was really enlightening and appreciate you finding the time and energy to into it and all the time you have saved me. Wish other sites were as informative and helpful as yours.

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