Canadian GIS and Geomatics – Helping the Geospatial Community Discover Canadian Geographic Information

Canada, the second largest country in the world covers almost 10 million km² with over 243 thousand kilometres of coastline, so you can only imagine the amount of Canadian geographic information that exists. Our team have been fortunate enough over the past decade to work in almost every Province and Territory so have got familiar with data from coast to coast.

Therefore it seems fitting that a web site like Canadian GIS and Geomatics Resources, has become the best place on the Internet for the geospatial community to find Canadian geographic information and spatial resources.

Our team of geomatics specialists have been helping Canadians since 2005 and continue to provide geographic information every day, focusing on GISCanadian Data SourcesCartography,GeographyEducation and the Geomatics Sector.

We encourage you to browse the various geographic resources on our site, follow our social media accounts and let us know if you know of any information that we may be missing.

Canadian GIS and Geomatics – Helping the Geospatial Community Discover Canadian Geographic Information

GIS and Geomatics: an integrated approach to processing, analysis, management, and display of geospatial data

geomatics related books


Discover some of the latest geomatics and geography related books including some must-haves for that geographic minded person. Our geomatics library here has increased exponentially since we added the Geo Books section.

If you are an author of a geomatics or geography related book then consider sending us a review copy and we will let the Canadian geospatial community know more about it and how they can get a copy for their geomatics library.


The ever evolving Canadian Geomatics Industry has lead to increased demands for specialized GIS training, and Canada remains to be leaders in geographic education providers.

Because the study of GIS often combines several technological tools, methods and procedures, students are usually required to grasp many concepts at once, therefore most programs occur at either the University or advanced College level (although GIS is occurring more and more K-12 classrooms thanks to programs like the GIS Ambassador program).

The Canadian GIS Education Programs section covers all GIS programs offered in Canada; find information about University Programs, College Programs and Online GIS Programs with program details, videos, links, student reviews and much more

[Note: If you know of any GIS or Geomatics Education we missed? Then send us details about it and we will add it to the collection]


Stay up to date with the latest news in the Canadian Geomatics Sector, as it continues to grow and evolve as technology changes and more people become aware of geomatics.

Our web site receives several thousand viewers every day and we share all of our content with thousands more who follow our social media channels as a source of Geo news.

So if you have a geomatics related press release or geo related other news that you would like to share, then let us know. We will add it to our site and promote it our thousands of social followers (60,000+).


How to Get Ontario Topographic Data
Data is a vital component of GIS related projects, and it can often be tough to find good data. We have been helping people find data for many years and maintain a collection of Canadian open data, free and fee based geospatial data, online mapping applications and other sources of geographic information.

Explore our detailed Canadian Geospatial Data section where we feature data sources from every Province and Territory or use the quick link short-cuts found on the  Canadian Data Page that has 175+ data sources listed.

[Note: If you know of any data sources we missed? Then send us details about it and we will add it to the collection]


GIS Employment - Add your GISjobs resume freeGeomatics employment has always been a hot topic in Canada and our GIS Job Board ( was one of the first Canadian GIS employment sites designed to help people find jobs here in the Canadian GIS sector.

Since 2004 we have helped thousands of geomatics related professionals find Canadian GIS jobs.

Job postings are not very effective if not in the hands of qualified job seekers, therefore we use social media and various networking channels to help broadcast all job opportunities on our site out to the geospatial community.

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Since 2004 we have helped thousands of people find Canadian GIS jobs, and we can help get your opportunity in front of qualified job seekers from coast to coast


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