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The Canadian Historic Maps section of our site is where we share various Canadian vintage maps or sources of Canadian historic maps that we think the geospatial community may appreciate.

If you have a historic map or source of maps that you think we should share, then let us know.

1898 Vancouver Panoramic Map

The City of Vancouver Archives contains over 4000 historic maps and plans that have been repaired, restored, scanned, and made freely available to the public to use.

This one here is a panoramic view of the City of Vancouver (see further below), was published in 1898 as a supplement to the Daily World newspaper. It provides viewers an oblique aerial view in a south direction across Burrard Inlet towards Vancouver.

1898 Vancouver Panoramic MapStreets, names of buildings and businesses are labeled, as well as the locations of the City foundry, machine works and the sugar refinery.

There are also pictorial representations of buildings, industrial activity, various boats and vegetation.

The City of Vancouver Archives contains copies of the original 1898 map as well as a reproduction from 1976, and provide digital copies online.

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1898 Vancouver Panoramic View

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