Canadian Geomatics and Canadian GIS Education Programs

One of the goals of our site has always been to help promote GIS and Geomatics related education programs in Canada. So far we have covered about 25 different schools (Universities & Colleges) that offer some level of an education (related to GIS and Geomatics).

However, we know that there are programs that we missed, so if you are currently in a GIS or Geomatics program or know of one that we have yet to include to the site then we would be interested in hearing more about it, so that we may share that information with others.

Also, for most programs we have been typically been providing general knowledge but would  lobve to have more information and opinions from students who actually attended the programs. A site like works much better when feedback and information is shared from others.

Information about Canadian geospatial education programs that we have been posting include, the name of the program, name the school, contact info, location, program details, things that make it special etc.

Canadian University Geomatics Education Programs

Canadian College Geomatics Education Programs

Canadian Online Geomatics Education Programs

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