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Helping Increase Geography Awareness through the
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Canadian GIS and Geospatial
Canadian GIS and Geospatial

Geographic Awareness

Visualizing Spatial Data provides opportunities for exploration, modeling, planning, and better understanding

Canada, the second largest country in the world covers almost 10 million km² with over 243 thousand kilometres of coastline, so you can only imagine the amount of Canadian geographic information that exists. Our team of geomatics specialists have been fortunate enough over the past decade to work in every Province and Territory on a wide range of geospatial projects, thus have become very familiar with data and resources from coast to coast.

Therefore it seems fitting that an online resource like Canadian GIS .com, has become one of the top places on the Internet for the geospatial community to find Canadian geographic information and geospatial resources.

We have been helping Canadians since 2005 and continue to provide geographic information every day, focusing on GISCanadian Data SourcesCartography,GeographyEducation and the Geomatics Sector. Our networks that we maintain help provide us a viable medium to deliver information and interact with the broader geospatial community, allowing us to learn of new resources all the time.

We encourage you to browse our site, follow our social media accounts and let us know if you know of any information that we may be missing.

Canadian Geospatial Directory

We have upgraded the popular geospatial directory to now include details about anything that relates to Canadian geographic information resources. From Associations and education programs to maps and open data portals, we think that there should be a place on the web that promotes all that the Canadian geomatics sector has to offer.

It will be work in progress for a little while as we populate it with more information, and we encourage the geospatial community to help us out.

Geospatial Data

Almost anyone in the geospatial community would agree that a major part of any GIS project would be the data sets involved. Data can often be costly and labor intensive, but it doesn’t always have to be that way.

Check out our growing list of Canadian geographic information resources available that you can use with your geomatics projects to generate geospatial products (Information from the open data page will soon also be included in the geospatial directory and search functionality).

Cartography and Mapping Applications

Maps are more than just images that can help you navigate from one point to another. They combine information and visualization that can allow you to explore, better understand it, and engage with the world around you.

Browse through a wealth of Canadian cartographic resources from historic maps to online mapping applications that can help make your life easier.

Some of the Latest Pages Added to the Canadian GIS and Geospatial Resources include: