PCI Geomatica Python Cookbook

PCI Geomatica Python Cookbook

PCI’s Geomatica Python Cookbook is an online resource for python users who want to use python with PCI Geomatica (note: a full feature trial is available from PCI for those that do not have the software).

Geomatica’s python library offers geospatial developers and solution providers a powerful set of remote sensing, photogrammetry, image processing, image analysis and information extraction tools.

PCI Geomatica Python CookbookThe Geomatica python cookbook is a great way to help new users looking to familiarize themselves with Geomatica’s python library and common workflows. It is also a great resource for more advanced users, as it contains useful code snippets that can be easily “plugged in” to a python script.

For more details and to access the full Geomatica python cookbook  see http://pcigeomatics.github.io/PCI-Geomatics-Python-Cookbook/

The Canadian GIS & Geomatics Geo Books section has started to grow and now contains many other python resources such as Python Scripting for ArcGIS and Dive into Python (free download).

If you come across other books or reaources that you think would be benifical to our readers then let us know.

[Page originally published Dec 2014]

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