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Python is a widely used high-level programming language that has grown popularity in the Canadian geomatics industry over the years.

Python programming is designed to emphasize code readability, and its simpler syntax allows users to generate scripts that have usually have fewer lines of code than would be possible in other programming languages such as C++. Python can be used in ArcGIS, PCI Geomatica, QGIS and many other geospatial based software packages, therefore it is good to have some python exposure when working in Canadian geomatics.

Dive Into Python is a free book for more experienced programmers who want to branch out into python scripting. You can read the book online, or download a full copy in a variety of formats and various languages (thanks to Mark Pilgrim – diveintopython.net).

Unlike some other programming books that spend time building fundamentals and working towards building a complete script, you may find that this book skips all that and jumps right into programming. DIve into Python 3So if you are a bit of a programming novice looking for something a little easier then you may want to consider some other python books.

Just received an email asking to tell our viewers that there is now a new version of the book that has been revised and contains bout 80 percent new material. Download links to both versions are included below.

Download the full Dive Into Python PDF version here

Download the full Dive Into Python v3 PDF version here

Get GIS tutorial for Python Scripting here

The Canadian GIS & Geomatics Geo Books section has started to grow and now contains many other python resources such as Python Scripting for ArcGIS and PCI Geomatica python tutorials.

If you come across other books or resources that you think would be beneficial to our readers then let us know.

[page updated: March 2015]

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