Fortress of Louisburg Maps

Fortress of Louisburg Maps

Fortress of Louisburg MapsFortress of Louisburg Maps

The Fortress of Louisbourg is a Canadian National Historic Site located in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. The reconstructed replica represents what the French fortress would have been like back in the 1700s. The location for the fortress was chosen because it allowed the French to easily defend against British ships attempting to attack the St. Lawrence River.

Recently we purchased some old maps at a yard sale, and one of the old map books contained a tattered map featuring the Fortress of Louisbourg that we scanned, cleaned up in photo-shop and then reproduced.

While searching for the date and source of our map print we also noticed that there have been several old Fortress of Louisbourg maps created and have included a few of the links that we found below.

If you know of other links or sources and wish to share them then let us know and we include them below for others to discover.

Fortress of Louisburg Maps

[page originally published February 2016]

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Recently Google Street view has captured the majority of grounds at Fortress of Louisbourg so people can experience the National Historic Site from anywhere in the world.