History of Canada
in 10 Maps:
Epic Stories of
Charting a
Mysterious Land

“The best adventures, it seems, often start with a map – typically a tattered old map that has yellowed with age and happens to be missing a crucial piece, like the precise location of buried treasure.”

The ten maps featured in Adam Shoalts’s book span nearly 10 thousand years and help illustrate stories of adventure, discovery and exploration, connected to early explorers ranging from the Vikings to Sir John Franklin. When it comes to cartography, fact trumps fiction … from The birth of “Canada” to Mapping the Arctic, the maps that helped shape the modern Canada that we all know today.

Hidden away in archives or carefully preserved in temperature-controlled museum cases sit real, historic maps that are even more fascinating.

History of Canada in 10 MapsHistory of Canada in 10 Maps: Epic Stories of Charting a Mysterious Land

Adam Shoalts’s A History of Canada in 10 Maps consists of several fascinating stories behind some of the people and maps that helped define Canada.

Every map tells a story, and every map has a purpose …

The historic century old maps covered in the book are far from the tattered little road maps that most people grew up with stashed in the glove compartment of their family cars. these are large hand drawn maps based many containing fantastic  cartographic illustrations based on actual field discoveries. This well written tribute to some of Canada’s early explorers; perfectly blends together story telling, cartography, history and geography together to help bring to life Canada’s story through the eyes of these legendary map makers .

Adam Shoalts’s book is a must read for anybody with interests in Canadian history, geography, and exploration. It makes a fine addition to any geographic library …

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