City of Regina Open Data

City of Regina Open Data
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City of Regina Open Data

The City of Regina recognizes the public’s right of access to City information and is committed to a transparent and accountable government, therefore the City of Regina Open Data website provides the public with “self-serve” access to City data/information in a variety of different formats. Members of the public can access the information to do data analysis, mapping, chart creation or develop applications.

The City introduced its Open Government Program in 2012 and became the first public body in Saskatchewan to launch an internet-based open data portal. As content and traffic increased, they launched a new Open Data website in 2015.

This improved searching and data downloads, as well as provided more frequent updates and a wider variety of data formats available to the public. The City updated the Open Data website in 2017, five years after the start of the Open Government Program, and encourages everyone to explore and make use of the Regina open data sets that they make available …

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