Free and Open Data

Northwest Territories Geological Survey
Type of Geospatial Resource:

The Northwest Territories Geological Survey (NTGS) provides access to the geological related data and information pertaining to the Northwest Territories …

Sherbrooke Open Data
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Browse the various Sherbrooke Open Data available …

SIGÉOM Data and Web Services
Type of Geospatial Resource:

SIGÉOM is a unique spatial reference geomining information system.

It contains the entire Québec geoscientific database collected over the past 150 years. Every year, it grows richer with additional data coming from geological mapping surveys, prospection and exploration activities undertaken by the Ministry, mining companies and universities

PEI Provincial Road Atlas

The PEI Road Atlas provides a comprehensive overview of all roads, including road types, and other valuable geographic information featuring the province of Prince Edward Island.

Rimouski Open Data
Type of Geospatial Resource:

The City of Rimouski, regional capital of Bas-Saint-Laurent, provides free, easy and free access to its public data in order to promote innovation and technological development.

Browse the various Rimouski open data available …

Repentigny Open Data
Type of Geospatial Resource:
New Brunswick Wind Atlas
Type of Geospatial Resource:

The province of New Brunswick offers a digital High Resolution Wind Resource that they call the New Brunswick Wind Atlas on their Service New Brunswick (SNB) website. The provinces wind data set is tiled into smaller higher resolution thematic maps of New Brunswick matching their topographic mapping network grid and depicting “Mean Wind Speeds (m/s) at 80 m AGL (above ground level)”

Prince Edward Island Open Data
Type of Geospatial Resource:

The Government opened the Prince Edward Island Open Data portal in 2018 with almost 200 data sets listed, where you will find a wide range of data including roads, property, civic and many other geospatial data sets …