Saskatchewan Upgraded Road Network (SURN)
Type of Geospatial Resource:

The Saskatchewan Upgraded Road Network (SURN) contains all components of the National Road Network (NRN) in Saskatchewan along with railway crossings and private entrances in rural area. Download the data to use in your geospatial projects …

GeoDiscover Alberta
Type of Geospatial Resource:

GeoDiscover Alberta provide quality, authoritative mapping data to citizens that falls under the open data license to the Alberta Government Open Data Site.

NWT Centre for Geomatics

NWT Centre for Geomatics provides custom maps, geospatial data creation, analysis and maintenance, data centralization, geospatial web applications, earth observation and software management.

Laval Open Data
Type of Geospatial Resource:

The Ville de Laval, the 3rd largest city in Quebec, is committed to opening up public data. It advocates open and transparent municipal management and a modernization of relations with citizens..

Browse the various Laval Open Data available …

PEI GIS Data Catalog
Type of Geospatial Resource:

The PEI GIS Data Catalog provides access to GIS data and other geospatial services, to help simplify the ability of all levels of government and citizens to find geographical data.

A variety of GIS data is available both for free and for-a-fee. Information is also available on the cost of distribution depending on the medium you want to receive GIS data.

Repentigny Open Data
Type of Geospatial Resource:
Quebec Open Data
Type of Geospatial Resource:

The Québec government, along with many of the municipalities of like Laval, Quebec City and Sherbrooke (all had their own open data portals) joined forces in 2016 to create the Québec open data portal. Many other municipalities then followed, and now the site contains almost a thousand different data sets.

Therefore Quebec Open Data should always be the best starting point when looking for data for places in the Province of Quebec.

Shawinigan Open Data
Type of Geospatial Resource:

Since 2015, the Shawinigan Open Data portal has been accessible to all in a spirit of transparency and improvement of services to citizens.

The site contains digital data distributed in a structured way according to a particular method, with an open license guaranteeing their free access and reuse.

Browse the various data available for Shawinigan, Québec …