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One of the hardest jobs to do during your career can often be finding the job itself, especially in such a niche industry like Geomatics. However the increased use and exposure of the Internet has led to many great resources to help you out and we have taken the best resources and posted them here to help you.

GIS Employment - Add your GISjobs resume freeGeomatics employment has always been a hot topic in Canada – this page is one of the oldest ones on our site (originally published back in 2006) and still gets over 2000 views a day.

If you know of any good Geomatics Employment web sites or resources that are not listed here then let let us know so I can post them here and share the with others.

Canadian Employment sites

Geomatics Geo Employment was one of the first Canadian only GIS employment web sites designed to help Canadians find jobs in the GIS industry with out the need of moving to the USA. The site has been online since 2004 and has helped thousands of young professionals find Canadian GIS jobs.  It has evolved over the years, recently partnered with, and now provides jobs in all aspects of Geomatics. There is also now a LinkedIn Group that focuses just on Canadian GIS & Geomatics jobs. And it is free to join.

Jobs in GIS & Geomatics for Canadians

[You may have already realized that there are not too many job sites that specialize just in GIS and Geomatics related jobs, therefore I have included other sites below that provide geo related jobs as sometimes some of them post Canadian jobs.]

The Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Carleton University have created a pretty good detailed list of  Geography-Related Job Websites that you may want to check out (including job boards, organizations and companies that regularly hire).

  • – [CDN site] the Canadian GIS Professional LinkedIn Group has GIS jobs posted often under the jobs and job discussion tabs
  • –  [CDN site] Only posts geomatics related jobs, and has jobs from Newfoundland to British Columbia – you can add your resume for free and do not need to be registered to view job details
  •  [CDN site] is a Canadian job board that allows Geomatics students and professionals to upload their resumes for free as well as many up sell features – GoGeomatics requires you to sign up and provide your information in order to view jobs
  • Geography Jobs First –  [CDN site] Canadian Geography job portal focused on bringing together geographers and employers in need of their talents (the Canadian version of
  • Government of Canada Jobs  [CDN site] You can find listings for available government positions across Canada as well as in a number of other environmental and geo related career fields
  • Careers in GIS: an Unfiltered Guide to Finding a GIS Job
  • Career Beacon –  [CDN site] Not really a geomatics base site but they always seem to have geomatics related jobs – especially in Atlantic Canada
  •     – several GIS jobsGIS Employment & Careers in GIS: an Unfiltered Guide to Finding a GIS Job
  • – Probably the largest source of GIS jobs on the Internet but mostly American (you do find Canadian jobs on there from time to time though)
  • – job site for GISuser, lots of jobs, some Canadian ones
  • GISGIG – Mostly American job, sometimes  Canadian jobs are posted – It is free for jobs posting
  • – GIS / surveying / Remote Sensing jobs, mostly American job, but some Canadian
  • Earthworks – Remote Sensing and GIS job listings from Europe and North America (mostly academic and research oriented positions)
  • My GIS Jobs – Powered By Simply Hired, features  jobs, internships and graduate positions in GIS, remote sensing, cartography, and related geospatial fields from across the web (motly American)
  • GeographyJobs – USA based jobs with several GIS related jobs
  • GeoJobs – contains GIS Jobs and GIS Resumes (as well as Remote Sensing (RS), Cartography and other Geography related jobs and resumes), the site allows employers and jobseekers to post, edit, & delete GIS related classified ads and resumes. All postings are FREE and display for 60 days.
  • GIS Careers – GIS Employment & Designing Better Maps: A Guide for GIS UsersInternational GIS Job search and resume posting site. Mostly jobs from USA & India
  • GIS Jobs Clearinghouse – claims to be the most visited GIS/RS jobs site on the Internet and contains many GIS jobs, mostly American, has a neat browse by map feature, with the jobs linked to a Google Maps Window.
  • Society for Conservation GIS Jobs – Enviromental related GIS jobs & volunteer positions in the environmental and ecological fields
  • GIS Crossing – Lots of GIS related jobs, mostly US based and (job seekers have to pay to join
  • GeoSearch – Recruiters in GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing and Related Technologies andGeo- Sciences.
  •  GIS Connection – free site but you have to login to see job postings
  • GetGISjobs – Job listings for the US with occasional listings for other countries, jobs are free to post and browse

GIS jobs in Calgary

GIS jobs in Saskatoon

GIS jobs in Montreal

GIS jobs in Toronto

GIS Jobs in British Columbia

GIS jobs in Ottawa

GIS jobs in Halifax

GIS jobs in Newfoundland

GIS Jobs in Victoria, BC

Some Other Good Employment sites (that sometimes have Geomatics related Jobs)

  • Workopolis Job Site – The largest job site in Canada, it is a general site with thousands of jobs and always has some GIS jobs (maybe not in your area but a good place to check)
  • Monster Job Site – The largest general job site on the web, it is a general site with thousands of jobs and always has some GIS jobs
  • WOW – Searches other job sites and pools the jobs onto one page, has GIS jobs all across Canada
  • Canada Job Bank
  • Employee Personality Assessment Tools

[Page originally published May 2006]