Geospatial Data

PEI GIS Data Catalog
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The PEI GIS Data Catalog provides access to GIS data and other geospatial services, to help simplify the ability of all levels of government and citizens to find geographical data.

A variety of GIS data is available both for free and for-a-fee. Information is also available on the cost of distribution depending on the medium you want to receive GIS data.

City of Regina Open Data

The City of Regina Open Data website provides the public with “self-serve” access to city data/information for download or viewing in different formats. Members of the public can access the information to do data analysis, mapping, chart creation or develop applications.

Blainville Open Data
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The City of Blainville promotes information sharing with the community and takes advantage of the collective wealth, by making its data accessible.

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Quebec Open Data
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The Québec government, along with many of the municipalities of like Laval, Quebec City and Sherbrooke (all had their own open data portals) joined forces in 2016 to create the Québec open data portal. Many other municipalities then followed, and now the site contains almost a thousand different data sets.

Therefore Quebec Open Data should always be the best starting point when looking for data for places in the Province of Quebec.

New Brunswick Open Data Portal
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The Government of New Brunswick began creating its first geospatial data sets back in the early 1990s. At that time, geographic information was beyond the reach of most people and industry. In the intervening years, geospatial technology has become available to a wider and wider array of groups and individuals. In the interests of enhancing both the life and business opportunities for the people of New Brunswick, the department is proud to supply data for public consumption, either through direct access or by download.

Rimouski Open Data
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The City of Rimouski, regional capital of Bas-Saint-Laurent, provides free, easy and free access to its public data in order to promote innovation and technological development.

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Sherbrooke Open Data
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City of Yellowknife Open Data
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The City of Yellowknife’s Open Data Portal gives application developers and GIS users the ability to easily access the most requested spatial data sets.