Repentigny Open Data

Repentigny Open Data
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Repentigny Open Data
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Dans un contexte de Ville intelligente, l’ouverture des données favorisera davantage l’interaction entre tous les acteurs par la mise en commun et le partage des besoins de ses usagers. Repentigny favorise donc le partage de données sur les activités, les services et les infrastructures de la municipalité.

In 2016, the Québec government and the municipalities of Gatineau, Laval, Montreal, Quebec City, and Sherbrooke joined forces to create the new Data Québec open data portal. Several other municipalities then followed suit, and thanks to this collaboration, several hundred datasets are now available.

Repentigny Open Data

The site contains digital data distributed in a structured way according to a particular method, with an open license guaranteeing their free access and reuse.

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Browse the various Repentigny Open Data available …
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