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Bristol, England – Mango, a leading online GIS for web map platform announced today the release of a new eBook aimed at Improving Uutcomes for Local Government GIS Deployments.

“Local government GIS exists to serve the people,” Mango CEO Chris Brown said. “But all too often residents and local business aren’t getting the quality outcomes they deserve.”

“There’s a multitude of reasons,” Chris continued. “From fragile legacy systems everyone is too afraid to touch in case they break, confusing specialized platforms that exclude the layman through complexity, and online GIS maps that simply don’t work where users need them. A quarter of our client’s map users are on mobile devices, yet in 2017, most web GIS maps still don’t work on mobile.”

More and more residents are demanding digital services that provide them access to public data, so it is becoming increasingly more urgent for governments at all levels to deliver better mapping services that really serve the public needs.

Mango’s new book, Online GIS for Local Government brings together practical, actionable advice, best practices, and considerations for small and medium local governments across counties, townships, and cities that will help local government leverage existing data and workflows while extending the functionality of their web mapping deployments, delivering truly stunning results for residents and local business alike.

Online GIS for Local Government is an essential guide for local governments looking for greater returns, simpler workflows, and happier communities through accessible GIS web mapping.

Online GIS for Local Government is available on Amazon (, or you can also download a digital copy of the eBook free here: Online GIS for Local Government

About MangoMango, a leading online GIS for web map platform

Mango is the simplest way to create useful web maps. Making web maps used to be complicated, time consuming and expensive. Not anymore.

Professionals with data and a story to tell use Mango to easily create and share engaging web maps. No coding, no servers, no complications. Just awesome web maps that are a pleasure to use.

Our clients both large and small have used Mango to produce over 50,000 maps since Mango was founded in 2013. Our team of experts have a passion for simplicity. We work tirelessly to ensure that Mango is simple for you, simple for your users and simple for your bottom line

[page originally published Mar 20, 2018]

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