ESRI Canada

ESRI Canada
Type of Geospatial Resource

ESRI Canada provides industry leading software for GIS analysis, solutions, and cartography.

Alex Miller, President, Esri CanadaSince 1984, they have been delivering proven solutions based on geospatial technology. Their software solutions help business and organizations across industries make timely, informed and mission-critical decisions by leveraging the power of geography. Headquartered in Toronto, we operate from 16 offices across the country.

“The whole history of our company has been about digitizing the geography of the world. Once you have a digital map, you’re no longer limited to a globe in the corner of your office that you spin around, or an atlas or a paper map. You have a digital model of the world. At that point, you can add layers of data to the map and understand far more.” Alex Miller, President, Esri Canada


77 Lombard Avenue, 7th Floor
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