Learn where the Antipode for your area is – Just Point, Click & Reveal

I am sure some of you may have noticed that I often write about Canadian web mapping related topics here, something that has progressed rapidly over the past few years and appears more and more all over the internet. However sometimes I come across a few mapping related sites like this one that is a little bit different then all the others and have a little more fun to them. So for my second contribution to GoGeomatics Magazine I selected a web map that was a little different then all the others in hopes that more people will start having Fun with Maps!

Ever hear anybody use the expression “You better be careful you don’t dig too deep or you will end up in China” while digging a hole?Antipodes Globe

Even if that could be possible (to dig down through the Earth’s core and come up on the other side of the world), would it really be China on the other side of that hole? What would be the  real Antipode (straight line that connects one location on the globe with a location on the other side of a globe while going through the center axis) for that hole you were digging?

The antipodes interactive web map depicts antipodes automatically for any location that you select. Simply point and click and then easily reveal the place that is on the other side of the world for any location on the Earth’s surface (without doing the math).

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