Canadian GIS and Geomatics – Helping the Geospatial Community Discover Canadian Geographic Information

Canada, the second largest country in the world covers almost 10 million km² with over 243 thousand kilometres of coastline, so you can only imagine the amount of Canadian geographic information that exists. Our team have been fortunate enough over the past decade to work in almost every Province and Territory so have got familiar with data from coast to coast.

Therefore it seems fitting that a web site like Canadian GIS and Geomatics Resources, has become the best place on the Internet for the geospatial community to find Canadian geographic information and spatial resources.

Our team of geomatics specialists have been helping Canadians since 2005 and continue to provide geographic information every day, focusing on GISCanadian Data SourcesCartography,GeographyEducation and the Geomatics Sector.

We encourage you to browse the various geographic resources on our site, follow our social media accounts and let us know if you know of any information that we may be missing.