#GIStribe – A Global Online GIS Community

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#GIStribe – A Global Online GIS Community

#GIStribe is a growing network of GIS enthusiasts, students, entrepreneurs, and professionals who meet together via social media every week to discuss geospatial related topics.

What?  A weekly live online GIS social media chatgistribe_mug
When? Wednesdays at 3pm EST
Where?  anywhere in the world via Twitter using the hashtag GIStribe
Who? The International Geospatial  Community with special interest of GIS

#GIStribe chats happen every week at the same time on Twitter and is open to anyone who wishes to follow, interact, and / or  contribute. It is meant to be a simple informal way for people who are interested in GIS to connect with the larger geospatial GIS community; meeting others with similar interests, learning from one other, discussing interesting geo-related topics, troubleshoot geospatial problems, inspire others and much more.

Emily Garding, a GIS Analyst at City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks started #GIStribe in 2014 and continues to host the live weekly chat on Twitter and sometimes branches out to other online events such as Google Hangouts.

All you actually need to participate is a free Twitter account, then search the hashtag #GIStribe (twitter.com/hashtag/gistribe) to monitor the various live chats and include the hashtag #GIStribe with your tweets to get your tweets included in the Live #GIStribe Twitter feeds.

Folks of #GIStribe talk about geospatial software,  hardware, coding, technical problems, solutions, tips & tricks, and much more. Lots of cool photos, videos and maps have been shared with #GIStribe …

If you wish to check out past weekly chats then you can go to check out the #GIStribe  archives here or here on GIStri.be



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