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Discover some of the latest geomatics and geography related books including some must-haves for that geographic minded person.

Our geomatics library here has increased exponentially since we added the Geo Books section.

If you are an author of a geomatics or geography related book then consider sending us a review copy and we will let the Canadian geospatial community know more about it and how they can get a copy for their geomatics library.

If you know of any geomatics related books that you would like to share with the thousands of viewers that frequent our site then we would love to hear from you.

Browse some of the recent geomatics related books:

Questions to ask before buying a laser scanners
PCI Geomatica Python Cookbook
Earth Observation for Water Resources Management
Advancing Geographic Information Science: the past and next twenty years
GIM 2016 Geomatics Business Guide
City Maps: A coloring book for adults
The Art of Illustrated Maps
GIS Tutorial 2: Spatial Analysis Workbook
Open Data Questions and Answers
ArcMap Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts
ArcGIS Book