Red River College GIS Technology

The Advanced GIS Technology diploma at Red River College is a one-year intense program. It combines a mix of remote sensing, cartography, GIS modeling, CAD and other courses to build your knowledge in GIS.

It also connects students with potential employers through a thesis research project. This gives students a taste of how GIS is being used in the industry. However, you need a Bachelor’s Degree to get in this program as a prerequisite.

The program consists of five themes:

  • Technology management
  • Data collection
  • Data manipulation
  • Data analysis
  • Cartographic presentation

The program emphasizes understanding of the underlying concepts and technology as opposed to training operators of specific software products. The program provides maximum flexibility in course content.


Red River College GIS Technology

Red River College GIS Technology

Red River College GIS

Red River College GIS Technology

App Studio for ArcGIS


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