Free QGIS Tutorial

Free QGIS Tutorial

Free QGIS Tutorial

One of the more popular desktop geographic information system (GIS) software packages available these days happens to be the free open source software, called QGIS.

QGIS is a user friendly Open Source GIS licensed under the General Public License (GNU). QGIS provides a number of capabilities allowing you to manage, edit, visualize, analyse and create maps. The first step to making your own maps is to get all of the data that you will need, click here to download Canadian data.Free QGIS Tutorial

Below are some free tutorials to help you get started using QGIS.

First, download & install QGIS for free

  1. The Basics of QGIS
  2. Managing Your Data
  3. Adding Labels to Maps
  4. Adding Style to Maps
  5. Printing Maps
  6. Attaching Photos to Maps
  7. Useful Plugins



Learn How To Map in OpenStreetMap

A great step by step intro tutorial video to help beginners learn how to get started mapping with OpenStreetMap, created by the U.S. State Department’s Humanitarian Information Unit (


This second  tutorial video covers topics such as navigating the map, searching for locations, and exporting a map image.

 Free openstreetmap user guides

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