Fundamentals of GIS - Applications with ArcGIS

Fundamentals of GIS

GIS is often disregarded when it comes to decision making, but it is in fact an essential part of our everyday lives. Franz Pucha-Cofrep's book Fundamentals of GIS: Applications with ArcGIS provides a comprehensive introduction to GIS and its many applications. It is comprehensive and provides readers with a solid foundation to build upon. A great start for anyone interested in learning more about GIS and its applications. Find out how to download a copy of the Fundamentals of GIS ...
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Mount Royal University Unveils New-Age Mapping Tool

Calgary-based experts are charting a bold new course in geographic education by introducing geospatial software designed for the next generations of tech-savvy learners. The software package, developed with support from TECTERRA, creates 3D maps combining multiple data streams (such as traffic flows, wildlife migration patterns and watersheds) on one digital platform to see how they interact with each other.

How do you compare geomatic and hydrographic products?

Geomatic and hydrographic tools and applications are advancing at a rapid pace, making it difficult to gain a clear overview of all the land surveying and hydrographic products currently available on the market.
Fanshawe College GIS

GIS at Fanshawe College

The one year GIS Graduate Certificate Program at Fanshawe College School of Design is a hands on project based and industry leading software intensive training, Students gain a solid foundation of GIS skills coupled with leading edge industry techniques to learn the skills that can provide spatial solutions.
Fanshawe College GIS

Canadian GIS Software


GIS software packages come in many different formats and designed to handle many applications. Some are more robust then others offering a wide range of tools and applications while others are much more simple, the software you use should depend a lot on what your needs are. There are also many other things to consider such as ...