Free online GIS courses

The Education and Training Unit of Population Data BC are offering a few free online GIS related courses and resources as part of their mandate to serve the needs of researchers, analysts and practitioners. Current courses / training resources offered are related to Administrative Data, Statistical analysis and Health geomatics. Some are provided as  self paced courses with various modules, others are offered as digital PDF training documents.Free GIS Training

  • Administrative Data 101
  • Statistical analysis
  • SAS
  • Mplus
  • Linear Regression
  • Spatial Epidemiology
  • GIS and Epidemiology
  • Introduction to Mapping Health Data
  • Space-Time Disease Surveillance
  • Introduction to Space-Time Disease Surveillance tools

Free online GIS courses

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Durham College GIS Certificate

Durham College Online GIS Certificate

Durham College Online GIS Certificate

Location: Salmon Arm, British Columbia
GIS Programs: Advanced GIS Certificate


Durham College of Applied Arts and Technology is located in the Durham Region of Ontario. The Durham College GIS Certificate program is designed for students who want to develop skills and knowledge appropriate for entry level positions. It has been designed to accommodate someone who seeks basic understanding of business practices combined with geographic knowledge.

The GIS program is offered online.

Durham College

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