Professional Geomatics Associations & Groups in Canada

Professional Geomatics Associations & Groups in Canada

[last updated Aug 2014]

After a much debated and detailed discussion on LinkedIn it was determined that many people are not aware of all the Professional Geomatics Associations that are available in Canada nor witch ones they should become part of (especially since some cost money and most can not afford to join them all).

Professional Geomatics Associations & Related Organizations in Canada

Therefore I started this new section on the web site to cover some of the organizations that I am either a member of or know about. The plan will be to cover at least one of these professional geomatics associations in more detail every month. ( if you see one that I have missed from the list, think your organization or user group should be added or have some information to add to one of these then feel free to let me know. )

Professional organizations are great ways to network and discuss GIS topics with others in the same industry.

Here is my current list of professional geomatics related organizations in Canada with links to their web sites and then links to more in depth coverage about each one as they are added monthly to the web site [you also use the groups category listing or search tools to find more information on these].

Hopefully this section of the web site will help people discover /join more professional organizations and / or locate local user groups.

Professional Geomatics Related Organizations in Canada

CAG – Canadian Association of Geographers

CIG – Canadian Institute of Geomatics

CRSS – Canadian Remote Sensing Society – currently part of CASI (Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute) but in the process of breaking off on their own
CRSS Ottawa Chapter

CCA – The Canadian Cartographic Association

GANS – The Geomatics Association of Nova Scotia – Read more information about GANS

CGU – Canadian Geophysical Union, Geodesy Section

NACIS – North American Cartographic Information Society

MGUG… – Manitoba Geomatics User Group

AGG – Alberta Geomatics Group

OARS – Ontario Remote Sensing Society

GIAC – Geomatics Industry Association of Canada (More for companies and corporations, then individuals)

Geospatial Information & Technology Association (GITA) – Alberta Chapter – GITA is a nonprofit educational association

PSC – Professional Surveyors Canada

ACLS – Association of Canada Lands Surveyors

Professional Geomatics Related Organizations not in Canada but related or associated with the Canadian Geomatics Industry

URISA – Urban and Regional Information Systems Association

GITA – Geospatial Information & Technology Association

  • GITA Alberta Chapter

ASPRS – American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

Cartography and Geographic Information Society (CaGIS) – mostly American based

SCGIS – Society for Conservation GIS mostly US based

Geomatics Professional Networking Groups

Canadian GIS & Geomatics Group – online networking with other Canadians in Geomatics (over 1900 members)

GoGeomatics – provides several free regional chapters that at pubs monthly –

GeoGeeks Fraser Valley Group – – Read more about GeoGeeks

Vancouver GIS Users Group –

[originally published July 2010]

If you see one that I have missed from the list, think your organization or user group should be added or have some information to add to one of these then feel free to let me know.


Would you support a National Geospatial Student Union

Last September we were one of several sponsors who helped make the GoGeomatics Back to School Socials (which took place in numerous cities from coast to coast including Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Niagara, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver) a success.

GoGeomatics Managing Director, Jonathan Murphy had his team of group leaders ask attendees to participate in a career survey. One of the questions on the survey was “Would they support a Canadian National Geospatial Student Union if it provided opportunities such as co-operatives, job opportunities or internship positions?” (See actual questions asked here). 83% of the 200 participants responded that, they would support a Canadian National Geospatial Student Union.

Mr. Murphy told us that he added this question to his country wide survey because he feels that Canada does not have a credible organization that represents the interests of student and young professionals within the geomatics sector.

Would you support a National Geospatial Student Union?

National Geospatial Student Union - Geomatics students talkingWhen he was a student, he noticed there was a significant gap in the geospatial community, just like there is now even though there are several groups and associations that argue that they do represent Canadian geomatics students. However when you examine membership and the boards of these organizations you notice that they include members further on in there careers with different agendas.

Not only has GoGeomatics discovered that there is over whelming interest from students and young professionals to form a union that could unite students all across Canada but they have also found out that key members of industry and government, are willing to support such a group.

GoGeomatics knows that they can accomplish such a task on their own,so are seeking volunteers in the geospatial community that are interested in joining a steering committee to further explore creating such a student union. They are looking for a balanced group of people, not just students.

If you are interested in joining the steering committee or finding out what GoGeomatics thinks a Canadian National Geospatial Student Union would do the Canadian geomatics sector, then check out Mr.Murphy’s latest edition to the GoGeomatics Magazine for details.

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