Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure Interoperability

Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure Interoperability

The video above from Natural Resources Canada discusses GeoConnection’s CGDI Interoperability Project.

Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure Interoperability“After six years of work developing standards and products, a group of public and private sector participants came together in the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure or CGDI Interoperability Pilot Project.

This Open Geospatial Consortium project culminated in a nation-wide demonstration of standards-based products that allow immediate access to current data. The project showed how municipal, provincial and territorial authorities can now update data and automatically make their data available online in real time to those who need it, anywhere across Canada.

Real-time updates make it much easier to keep data current, which is critical to the success of many applications. Local data producers can manually invoke a notification. They can also set up the local server to do this periodically or whenever an update occurs. This means no more waiting for the latest version of the database!”