Ortho Imagery for Central Nova Scotia

On September 29th, 2003 Nova Scotia was hit by a category 2 hurricane that
caused extensive damage northwards across the center of the province. Over the next few months the aerial photography was acquired to create digital orthomosaics from to help access the damage created by the hurricane.

Ortho Imagery for Central Nova Scotia

Download Ortho Imagery for Central Nova Scotia

These digital orthos (MrSID image files at a scale of 1:24000) are available to the public for downloading from the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources website. The Hurricane Juan Web Map, an online mapping application is available to help spatialy define the various ortho tiles so that users know what areas each download file represents.

The mapping application contains all the compressed tiles of the ortho images with other basic layers such as roads, water, mapsheet index and damage assessment. A toolbar at the bottom is available to help navigate and locate map sheets. Data is in UTM Zone 20N NAD83 and can be used with ArcGIS.

Download Ortho Images:
Hurricane Juan Web Map with Orthos:

Did you know that the Department of Natural Resources Forestry GIS Section provides most of their data for public use, free of charge.

Here are some more resources where you can find data from Nova Scotia to download.If you are looking for certain data, but do can not find it on their site, then try their Special Data Requests page.

Some of the GIS data sets that you can download include:

  • Forest Inventory
  • Wet Areas Mapping
  • Restricted and Limited Use Lands
  • Forest Cover Types
  • Land Capability for Forestry
  • Historic Data (Fernow 1912 Forest Cover)
  • Ecological Land Classification
  • Forestry Netlin (Road Network)

Click here for an extensive list of Canadian geomatics data sets available for public downloading