New Survey Training Program for GIS Grads

New Survey Training Program for GIS Grads

Survey Training Program for GIS Grads

This year, GoGeomatics is launching a brand new geomatics training program in Canada with some great benefits for both graduates and industry in the Canadian geospatial sector.

The 4-6 week entry level Survey Training Program will help retrain qualified GIS and geography graduates to work in the highly lucrative, in-demand field of surveying.

Best of all the new GoGeomatics survey training program will be free for all participants, and will also guarantee students a geomatics job when they have successfully completed the program.

More details about the program including how to apply can be found here

Benefits to GIS graduates:Survey Training Program for GIS Grads

  • Sponsored tuition
  • Sponsored room-and-board
  • Guarantee of a job when you graduate
  • Exciting, lucrative career path in Canada’s geospatial industry

Benefits to Geomatics Industry:

  • A curriculum tailored to your needs
  • Two positions: Field and Office Technician
  • Highly motivated recruits
  • Commitment of a fixed work term (minimum 1 year)
  • Take the uncertainty out of your HR costs