GISCI - GISP Certification

GISCI Geospatial Core Technical Knowledge Exam for the GISP Certification

The GISCI Geospatial Core Technical Knowledge Exam® is open to all individuals interested in attaining the GIS Professional certification. GISCI will offer the Exam to individuals independent of the application for the portfolio review process. This means that GISP applicants can start the certification process by completing an application and taking the examination any time prior to attaining the professional experience required for the professional portfolio.
Should you apply for GISP?

the Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP)

Over the past few years the term GISP (geographic information systems professional) has become popular as more and more young professionals look for a way to show that they have become more established in their geomatics careers. Find out what you need to qualify for a GISP & why you should.
Esri certification program

ESRI Technical Certification Program

ESRI launched its Technical Certification Program this month, to help certify expertise for those using ESRI software programs. The new ESRI certification program recognizes people skilled with ESRI desktop software, developer, and the enterprise programs. Earning an ESRI certification will allow GIS users to recognize attainment of a high level of expertise with a particular program. The ESRI Technical Certification Program has been designed to complement the geographic information system professional (GISP) certification available in the United States through the GIS Certification Institute, and recognizes specific skills and expertise in using ESRI software. ... find out why you should learn more about the ESRI Technical Certification Program