ArcGIS Desktop Application Tutorials

We often get asked for resources to help people learn how to work with GIS. Now that Esri provides a affordable not for commercial version of ArcGIS, we often suggest that they try out these ArcGIS desktop application tutorials provided by the ArcGIS Resource Center

Canadian Open Data and Free Geospatial Data

Over the past few years has been highlighting and promoting various cities and provinces in Canada that have done a great job providing data and applications to the public.

We created this page a few years ago to collaborate links of all the open geospatial data info (sites that offer data downloads at no cost and without restrictions), fee based geospatial data, online web mapping applications and other great sources of geospatial information (including National, Provincial and Regional levels).

This comprehensive list of open geospatial data, fee based geospatial data, web mapping applications and cartographic products is a valuable asset to many people (… we get hundreds of emails and requests regarding “Where can I find data for …?”) so we continue to update it with new information and sources of Canadian data sets.

ESRI Canada User Conference – Toronto

Event: ESRI Canada User Conference – Toronto
Date: October 6-7, 2010
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Details: ESRI Canada is pleased to invite you to join other GIS professionals for this exclusive opportunity to learn about the latest advances in GIS technology and hear first hand how others in your community are using a geographic approach in their work.

On-line Registration:  on-line registration

See official conference web site for more details on programs and events

Selkirk College GIS programs

Selkirk College GIS Diploma & Bachelor Degree in GIS

Prerequisites: University degree or College Diploma

Selkirk College is a Regional Community College located in the Kootenay region of southern British Columbia. The Selkirk vision is to help inspire students and enables them to become valuable contributors to society and their associated industry. There are two Geographic Information Systems programs offered at Selkirk College, the Advanced Diploma in GIS and the Bachelor Degree in in GIS.

The 1 year Advanced Diploma program is a one year program offered at the Castlegar campus. The program utilizes advanced geospatial technology to provide leading edge hands on training and prepares students to become trained geospatial experts in the environmental planning, business, industry or resource sectors.

The 4 year Bachelor Degree in Geographic Information Systems (BGIS) program, also  offered at the Castlegar campus, provides flexibility with a unique opportunity allowing extensive knowledge of leading edge technology with a career orientated specialty.

The GIS programs are accompanied with lab activity interaction at the Geospatial Research Centre ( a nationally recognized GIS research facility) that provides students with opportunities to apply and understand GIS concepts in current real-world situations. Therefore students that complete the programs leave with the knowledge and skills sets that allow them to become experts in GIS.

Contact Info


Tracey Harvey Ext. 522 or  Brendan Wilson Ext. 393

See the Course Web Site for more details.




The website is a free online Canadian Geospatial resource website that I started in 2005 after discovering that there was a lack of good online places to find Canadian GIS & Geomatics resources for the projects that I was involved with.

Over time it evolved from a small html based site created mainly for my own use to an interactive one where thousands of people now visit every week. More functionality has been added such as social media, geomatics events calendar, blog and the Canadian Geospatial directory but the focus has remained the same and thanks to a dedicated following the site remains to be one of the best places to help people find online Canadian Geospatial resources.

British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)

BCIT – (British Columbia Institute of Technology)

Location: Burnaby, British ColumbiaBCIT GIS Program(s): Advanced Diploma
Pre Req. College or University Diploma

Info / Description:

BCIT  has more then 20 years of experience delivering advanced GIS technology programs and courses to Canadians, their GIS program has long established as one of the more reputable programs in the country for producing highly skilled and sought-after graduates.

The BCIT programs were designed for university or college graduates that have a background in a related discipline, the program helps establish GIS skills and incorporates them to work ethics where students can practice real world situations with real industry research projects or workplace practicum. The BCIT program is available as a part-time basis as well with completion ranging from 2-4 years.

Contact Info

3699 Willingdon Avenue
Burnaby, British Columbia
V5G 3H1

(604) 432-8378 Polytechnic Institute

Web Site:

See the BCIT GIS program page for more details.


If you are a student, facility or someone who has any more knowledge, feedback or comments to share about the GIS program at BCIT then I encourage you to share it . You can either use the contribute more info form or the comment functionality below.

NBCC – GIS Advanced Diploma

logo New Brunswick Community College

New Brunswick Community College

Location: Moncton, New Brunswick
Program(s): GIS Advanced Diploma
Prerequisites: University degree or College Diploma


The GIS Advanced Diploma is designed to add technical hands on GIS skills, while building upon students already established unique background in various related disciplines. Team projects incorporate GIS analysis, computer mapping and applied programming.

Team projects provide opportunities for you to apply and demonstrate the technology tools in a real project setting. The projects are structured around current industry initiatives in three key disciplines – GIS analysis, computer mapping and applied programming. The projects help you to further develop problem-solving techniques and work flow strategies required by a wide range of GIS industries.



NOTE:   NBCC announced that they will be discontinuing their GIS Advanced Diploma program next year, any students currently enrolled in the program will be supported through the next academic year to program completion in June 2013. More Details …


If you are a student, facility or someone who has any more knowledge, feedback or comments to share about the GIS program at Niagara College then I encourage you to share it . You can either use the contribute more info form or the comment functionality below.

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Often the key to having a great website is to have plenty of relevant Canadian information to share with those that come to the site, and we like to think that we do a great job of providing that service, however if you have something that is Canadian GIS or Geomatics related that you would like to share or contribute to the website then we would like to hear from you.

So if you have something that is Canadian GIS related that you would like to share or contribute to the website then I would like to hear about it from you.

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