Geomatics Atlantic Oceans of Data

The theme this year is Geomatics Atlantic: Oceans of Data which will be the biggest cross-sector oceans conference in Atlantic Canada, capitalizing on the current energy and investment in the ocean sector.

MGUG Fall Conference

Every year MGUG host their annual Fall Conference that brings together over 300 GIS professionals from the private sector, government, non profits, and academics. This year the MGUG Fall Conference will take place at the Club Regent Event Centre in Winnipeg on October 17.

PCI Geomatica 35th Anniversary Event

PCI Geomatics will be hosting a User Group Meeting on November 15th in conjunction with a special event to celebrate PCI Geomatics’s 35 years in the Geospatial industry. This is a Free Event, but you need to register to reserve your spot.

New Survey Training Program for GIS Grads

New Survey Training Program for GIS Grads

Survey Training Program for GIS Grads

This year, GoGeomatics is launching a brand new geomatics training program in Canada with some great benefits for both graduates and industry in the Canadian geospatial sector.

The 4-6 week entry level Survey Training Program will help retrain qualified GIS and geography graduates to work in the highly lucrative, in-demand field of surveying.

Best of all the new GoGeomatics survey training program will be free for all participants, and will also guarantee students a geomatics job when they have successfully completed the program.

More details about the program including how to apply can be found here

Benefits to GIS graduates:Survey Training Program for GIS Grads

  • Sponsored tuition
  • Sponsored room-and-board
  • Guarantee of a job when you graduate
  • Exciting, lucrative career path in Canada’s geospatial industry

Benefits to Geomatics Industry:

  • A curriculum tailored to your needs
  • Two positions: Field and Office Technician
  • Highly motivated recruits
  • Commitment of a fixed work term (minimum 1 year)
  • Take the uncertainty out of your HR costs