Discover How Geomatics is Helping to Shape the World’s Future

Discover How Geomatics is Helping to Shape the World’s Future at the GIM International Summit

Discover How Geomatics is Helping to Shape the World’s Future at the GIM International Summit

Today’s global society is facing considerable challenges, but geomatics holds the answers! That may sound a little immodest, but the inaugural edition of the GIM International Summit, which is being held from 10-12 February in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, will set out to demonstrate that this innovative sector is the key to a brighter future for the world. For the event organizers, one of their top priorities is to highlight to policymakers the huge range of opportunities the geomatics industry offers.

To underline the relevance of geomatics in solving the world’s problems, the organizers have secured a number of high-profile international speakers at the event – each of them heavyweights in their particular sphere. Just some of the experts visiting the Dutch capital to speak at the GIM International Summit include Swedish academic and statistician Hans Rosling, Norwegian economist and author Morten Jerven, South African professor of urban planning Vanessa Watson, and leading climatologist Pier Vellinga. In their keynotes, they will each suggest how geomatics can play a role in their respective areas of expertise. Delegates will then discuss and explore the topics further from a practical perspective in a series of interactive workshops.

These sessions are designed to encourage attendees to examine various challenges facing our world today and devise new and innovative ways of tackling them using geomatics techniques and technology. Under the capable guidance of organisations such as Kadaster, the European Space Agency (ESA), the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), the University of Twente and the University of Wageningen, there will be workshops on climate change, migration, property rights, food security, social justice, urban planning, water and integration for geo-IT. Thanks to such a diverse programme, there will be plenty of opportunities for inspiration, stimulation and cross-pollination of ideas, resulting in a very rewarding experience for delegates and – hopefully – some truly game-changing solutions for global society as a whole.

The venue for the event, which is an initiative of GIM International, the global trade magazine for geomatics, is Hotel Krasnapolsky in the very heart of Amsterdam. For more information or to register for one of the last remaining places, go to

For more information please contact Mr Wim van Wegen,

Ultimate List of GIS Formats and Geospatial File Extensions

The Ultimate List of GIS FormatsHow well do you know your GIS formats?

Because an unknown GIS file format can be every GIS analysts worst nightmare.

In a GIS career, a person will encounter a wide range of GIS formats. GIS technicians manage, share and create data in various geospatial data formats. Here is the Ultimate List of GIS Formats & Geospatial File Extensions, some are common while some are not so common.


Free online GIS courses

The Education and Training Unit of Population Data BC are offering a few free online GIS related courses and resources as part of their mandate to serve the needs of researchers, analysts and practitioners. Current courses / training resources offered are related to Administrative Data, Statistical analysis and Health geomatics. Some are provided as  self paced courses with various modules, others are offered as digital PDF training documents.Free GIS Training

  • Administrative Data 101
  • Statistical analysis
  • SAS
  • Mplus
  • Linear Regression
  • Spatial Epidemiology
  • GIS and Epidemiology
  • Introduction to Mapping Health Data
  • Space-Time Disease Surveillance
  • Introduction to Space-Time Disease Surveillance tools

Free online GIS courses

Click here to find out more information and to register for the free online GIS courses / training material

Unfiltered Guide to Finding a GIS Job

Unfiltered Guide to Finding a GIS JobUnfiltered Guide to Finding a GIS Job

Careers in GIS: an Unfiltered Guide to Finding a GIS Job

Careers in GIS: an Unfiltered Guide to Finding a GIS Job by Todd Schuble is a simple GIS job hunting strategy guide for young people starting off or already working in the GIS sector but with little experience. The digital guide tackles many of the issues that are relative to job seekers in a direct manner.

Todd writes clearly and effectively informing readers specifically where to look, what they should be doing, and what skills they should acquire in order to increase the chance of getting hired in the GIS industry. Education, salary, employers, networking, and motivation are only a few of the issues touched upon in this text.

It is an easy read and will leave you with more time to actually look for a GIS job. The career advice provided is sound and helpful, with real world strategies to help find a position instead of vague suggestions. This ebook would be useful to anyone thinking about pursuing a career in GIS and for the low price, it packs a punch and is well worth the $5!

If you are looking for GIS jobs then consider buying this great GIS job seeker book before investing in a more expensive and less clear book.

Careers in GIS: an Unfiltered Guide to Finding a GIS Job

Professional Geomatics Associations & Groups in Canada

Professional organizations are great ways to network and discuss GIS topics with others in the same industry. Here are the professional geomatics related associations, groups and organizations in Canada …

Canadian Geospatial Directory

The Canadian Geospatial Directory contains basic information about the various Geomatics related companies found in and around Canada (with some from abroad) including many key aspects such as the companies basic info, contact info, web site info and geographic location.

We started adding content to the directory using our own database of 1000+ Canadian companies and organizations from coast to coast that work in the geomatics field. However, it is time for the Canadian Geomatics community to help us further fill out the directory by contributing more information to existing listings and adding new listings for companies and services that have yet to be included.

All this is free, so find out how you can help add information about your Canadian company or organization …

Plenty of Geospatial Jobs Available in Canada this month

Map of Geospatial Jobs Canada available from coast to coast

Plenty of Geospatial Jobs Available in Canada this month

Not sure if people have noticed or not but even there are plenty of Geospatial Jobs available in Canada this month from coast to coast, even though the price of oil has been hurting the Canadian dollar and the economy in general. If you have not yet done so then we would recommend you check out the Canadian GIS & Geomatics job board for all the latest jobs posted and add your resume to the database if you are actively seeking geospatial employment in Canada.

Top 5 Total Stations

Top 5 Total Stations (based on user views)

Geo-matching .com is a great website that features a variety of the latest equipment used in the geomatics sector, including  theodolite and total stations. This online service is a great way that allows users to compare various geomatics related product and read other reviews from actual people in the Geospatial sector in order to help them make a well balanced purchase decision.

Geo-matching is a product comparison style website for geomatics related devices and provides users with good overviews of Total Stations, UAVs, GNSS Receivers, and other hardware used in the industry. The total-station category offers a variety of hardware including: devices by Topcon, Foif, Nikon, Kolida, LeicaGeomax, TI Asahi and Spectra Precision.

Besides total stations & theodolites, the site also includes UAVs, GNSS receivers, laser scanners, Lidar, image processing software and digital photogrammetric hardware. If you have used any of these geomatics related products then you should consider visiting the site and sharing your experiences, so others in the geomatics community can benefit from your input.


The top total stations for 2014 based on views from the geomatics community on were:

  1. Viva TS15  – by Leica
  2. NPL-322 – by Nikon
  3. S8  – by Trimble
  4. Pentax W800 Series – by TI Asahi
  5. KTS-580 R Series – by Kolida


However we think that you should keep in mind this top 5 list is based on website views and you should really go to yourself, read the available material and user reviews; then decide for yourself which total station is best for you.

Geomares Publishing - top 5 Total Stations is part of Geomares Publishing, a publisher of books, magazines, websites, in topics related to Geomatics & Hydrography.

Geomares Publishing, Nieuwedijk 43, 8531 HK Lemmer, The Netherlands, Phone +31 (0)514 561854, email:

QGIS 2 Cookbook


QGIS is a free user friendly open source desktop GIS software package used to create maps and analyze geospatial data. The application supports various formats such as vector, database and raster formats. One major advantage of QGIS is that it allows users to import open street map files that are also gaining popularity every day.

The QGIS 2 Cookbook is a large collection of techniques (simple through to advanced) that are used in everyday geomatics work, with detailed process to help accomplish those tasks using QGIS. By the time you are finished with this book, you should have all the necessary knowledge to better handle and visualize geospatial data,  with QGIS.

Get your copy of the QGIS 2 Cookbook here 

Leading Edge Geomatics now a DigitalGlobe Authorized Reseller

DigitalGlobe high resolution satellite image of Niagara Falls Canada

Leading Edge Geomatics now a DigitalGlobe Authorized Reseller

Leading Edge Geomatics, based out of New Brunswick has announced that they now can offer their valued clients access to DigitalGlobe’s extensive collection of high resolution satellite imagery. These readily-available detailed images can easily meet any project needs and help out on future projects.

Clients Leading Edge Geomatics, can enjoy a 20% discount until January 31st, 2015.

For more information, or a free quotation, please inquire with Leading Edge.

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