Download Google Earth Pro for Free

Google Earth Pro for free? A virtual 3D mapping and geographical information software provided free by Google has been one of the key elements over the past few years that has helped people become more aware of the geomatics industry. Until now users had to pay a fee to use the Pro version, but now users will be able to use Google Earth Pro for free …

Geomatics Acronyms and Abbreviations

[List updated May 2016] Geomatics has become a pretty common term in Canada lately and includes many different disciplines such as  geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, cartography, land surveying, global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), photogrammetry, geography and other related forms of spatial mapping.

Using acronyms and abbreviations is commonly practiced in the Geomatics industry and most of the time people just assume that everybody else knows what every acronyms and abbreviation stands for. Well that is obviously not the case most of the time and over the years I have created myself a little digital cheat-sheet of geomatics acronyms and abbreviations that I use with my work in my writing.

Here is a large collection of common acronyms and abbreviations that you may when working in the Canadian Geomatics industry.

Professional Geospatial Resume & Cover Letter Writing

GoGeomatics Geospatial Resume Writing

Finding a good quality job in the Canadian geomatics industry can often be much harder then an actual job itself. Especially when you consider that there is tough competition and few quality job opportunities out there, therefore you really need to be on your game and do what ever you can to help give your career an edge over your competition.

Geospatial Resume Writing - Professional Geospatial Resume & Cover Letter Writing GoGeomatics Canada has been helping young Canadians find work in geomatics now for several years and are now bringing their proven career services to the digital world, offering brand new services to help geospatial job seekers find employment, regardless of where they are located.

Their geospatial resume writing services are designed to offer an effective, affordable approach to getting ahead in the job market. Working with a professional writer who knows how to highlight top geomatics skills, you will get a personalized resume or cover letter that can help you meet your career goals and aspirations.

Also keep in mind that this is different from most other resume writing services, because GoGeomatics understand geomatics. They know the industry, know the keywords, and know how to get a hiring manager’s attention.

The goal of any resume is to get an interview. It’s your first impression, and you want to make it count. With this service, you can maximize your chances of scoring that interview, and landing the geospatial job of your dreams.

You can use this service to create a solid template to use for your job search, or to create a customized resume/cover letter in response to a specific job posting. Choose which package is best for you: Resume Writing, Cover Letter Writing, or the combined Resume/Cover Letter Service for the best value. GoGeomatics is also offering discounts for current, full-time students. Email to inquire about student discounts.

For more information, or to purchase this service, visit the GoGeomatics website here or use one of the buttons below.


New Survey Training Program for GIS Grads

New Survey Training Program for GIS Grads

Survey Training Program for GIS Grads

This year, GoGeomatics is launching a brand new geomatics training program in Canada with some great benefits for both graduates and industry in the Canadian geospatial sector.

The 4-6 week entry level Survey Training Program will help retrain qualified GIS and geography graduates to work in the highly lucrative, in-demand field of surveying.

Best of all the new GoGeomatics survey training program will be free for all participants, and will also guarantee students a geomatics job when they have successfully completed the program.

More details about the program including how to apply can be found here

Benefits to GIS graduates:Survey Training Program for GIS Grads

  • Sponsored tuition
  • Sponsored room-and-board
  • Guarantee of a job when you graduate
  • Exciting, lucrative career path in Canada’s geospatial industry

Benefits to Geomatics Industry:

  • A curriculum tailored to your needs
  • Two positions: Field and Office Technician
  • Highly motivated recruits
  • Commitment of a fixed work term (minimum 1 year)
  • Take the uncertainty out of your HR costs

Business Geomatics and the Power of Location Economics

Many of us do not realize but a number of factors are involved when businesses establish new locations, quite often it is dependent on what product or services they offer or produce, however these days more and more are taking advantage of the ‘Power of Location Economics’. Location economics, unlike product differentiation strategies (where products or services are created different in order to attract more customers), addresses economic activities such as where people are located in order to produce or sell similar products in an existing market while maximizing their accessibility and profits.

Address recognition algorithms Over the past decade or so the GIS and Geomatics industry has been rapidly evolving and has crossed over into virtually almost every other industry and market, to the point where most people quite often do not even realize that they are using some aspect of geomatics. A common trend happening everywhere these days is …