Canadian Geospatial Directory

Canadian Geospatial Directory

The Canadian Geospatial Directory contains basic information about the various Geomatics related companies found in and around Canada (with some from abroad) including many key aspects such as the companies basic info, contact info, web site info and geographic location. This section and our website continue to evolve over time as more companies are added.

Canadian Geospatial DirectoryTo find a Canadian geomatics related company listing, simply use the simple search tool (that will allow you to search company names, Cities or postal code) found along the right hand side of the site or select a category from the navigation menu above.

We created the Canadian Geospatial Directory with the hopes that it becomes a comprehensive valuable online resource directory of geospatial related technologies, location-based services, and all geomatics related companies, organizations, education programs,  and location related services in Canada. It uses Google maps to show spatial locations of services (when available) and advanced database search functionality to help people find services in their region.

the Canadian Geospatial DirectoryWe started adding content to the Canadian Geospatial Directory using our own database that contains over 1000 basic entries of various Canadian companies and organizations from coast to coast that work in the geomatics field.

But now it is time for the Canadian Geomatics community to help us further fill out the directory by contributing more information to existing basic listings and adding new listings for companies and services that have yet to be included. We feel this way the geomatics community can all help make the Canadian Geospatial Directory a valuable online go-to resource for anybody to find information about Geospatial companies, organizations and services in Canada.

Basic directory listings in the Canadian Geospatial Directory are free and may include logos, images, details, link to company or service, location etc. Many companies and organizations have more then one location so in order to be better represented on the online maps, multiple entries may be created.

So go ahead and search for your Geospatial related company, organizations or service, then if it has already been included, claim it and make any necessary changes.

If it has not been included yet, then why not take a few moments, add your information and get listed in the  Canadian Geospatial Directory. Simply click here to register for a free user account

Note: a FAQ is being created with answers to common questions about the Canadian Geospatial Directory – however feel free to send us any questions you have

To help fund the project, more comprehensive, “Enhanced” directory submissions are available for a small nominal fee and will provide people the ability to have a more detailed description, more images, videos etc. These listings will also be labeled “Featured” listings and appear at the top of categories and search results and be highly promoted through the Canadian GIS & Geomatics social networks – feel free to contact us for more information about this service.

International Women’s Day March 8th: Issues & Leadership in the Canadian Geomatics Community

GoGeomatics Canada is focusing on women in the Canadian geomatics community during the month of March.  In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8th GoGeomatics Magazine will feature interviews and articles by women about women in our field.  Some contributors from last year will be coming back to share their thoughts on current issues relating to employment and leadership in geomatics, as well many new voices will be heard.

GoGeomatics Canada Women with globe for International Women’s Day March 8th

International Women’s Day has a very real meaning.  In Canada and much of the western world it is often taken for granted the equal status that women hold in our society.  However this is not the case in many other places around the world where women can face discrimination from the establishment and even within their own families. In many places they are taught by society, from day one, that they are inferior to men.

By sharing various stories and points of views from women in the Canadian geomatics community GoGeomatics aims to show that they are present and well accounted for in all areas of our society especially in the technical fields.  As well by talking to women who are leaders in geomatics we let the world know that women in Canada are taking on challenges and issues of great importance.

Our month long focus is also a reminder that women matter to society. That they have the right to be heard, despite what governments, society, or families tell them in other parts of the world.  GoGeomatics Canada believes that to remember and honor all the ways women make a difference in our community helps those who may yet struggle to reach the same level of acceptance and stature.

GoGeomatics hopes that you will join the Canadian geomatics community during the month of March by reading and engaging in the discussions that arise as we talk to other women in Canada about geomatics and their leadership in our community.

If you have a story or a point of view that you would like to share with the geomatics community in Canada please contact Deanna the  GoGeomatics Community Manager.