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Geo-matching .com is a great website that features a variety of the latest equipment used in the geomatics sector, including total stations. This online service is a great way that allows users to compare various geomatics related product and read other reviews from actual people in the Geospatial sector in order to help them make a well balanced purchase decision. Is interesting to see the top total stations viewed in February from the geomatics community on changed since the last time we posted.
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GIS Software category added to Geo-matching

A new category for GIS Software was recently added to Geo-matching's product categories. The site helps guide users through the maze of product specifications and provides them the opportunity to compare products from different suppliers and read other professionals’ reviews in order to reach a balanced judgment before buying.
Total Stations - Viva TS15 - Leica

Top 5 Total Stations

Geo-matching is a product comparison style website for geomatics related devices and provides users with good overviews of Total Stations, UAVs, GNSS Receivers, and other hardware used in the industry. The total-station category offers a variety of hardware including: devices by Topcon, Foif, Nikon, Kolida, LeicaGeomax, TI Asahi and Spectra Precision. The top total stations for 2014 based on views from the geomatics community on were ...