Trimble GPS Planning Software

GPS Planning Software allows you to optimize your Survey

After working on many different projects with various companies and partners, it still amazes me how many people do not consult with the latest GPS Almanacs and GPS Planning Software for planning GPS Missions prior to heading out to survey or collect GPS data. Especially for more precise GPS work and we all know how projects these days continue to demand better accuracy as technology evolves.

GPS planning softwareThere is a handy little FREE GPS Planning Software package for planning of GPS Missions provided by Trimble that we use, and is available to download free from their website. This powerful little GPS uttility can run from your laptop or PC allowing you to analyis GPS coverage for any given day helping you to determine visibility for GPS, GLONASS, IGSO and geostationary satellites. When you know what times of day have the best optimal GPS coverage then you can better plan the rest of your survey work.

The GPS Planning Software allows you to optimize your base destination region with multiple station locations allowing you to determine where it would be best to record observations, determine elevation masks, generate graphs showing satellite coverage, DOP coverage, and create sky plots of GPS satellites.

When you use the planning software you have to remmber to download the latest GPS almanac because unlike your GPS equipment, your PC will not automatically update itself with the latest Ephemeris Data. Trimble also helps out by providing this information for you on their website, but it is also provided on various other GPS related websites as well.


[Update – Trimble now offers an online version]