DataAppeal Provides Highly Effective & Interactive 3D Maps


DataAppeal renders art and design with geo-based data into highly effective and interactive 3D maps. No previous experience or training is required. Simply upload your data and use DataAppeal to transform rows and rows of boring data into fascinating and beautiful 3D images. The updated version of DataAppeal, with new functionality makes it even easier and much faster to use. The Dataappeal web-based application is FREE, so I suggest you Sign Up and try creating some 3D interactive maps with your own data, and then share your feedback and experiences with other readers.

Canadian GIS Software


GIS software packages come in many different formats and designed to handle many applications. Some are more robust then others offering a wide range of tools and applications while others are much more simple, the software you use should depend a lot on what your needs are. There are also many other things to consider such as ...