GIS Conference and Events

GIS Conference and Events in Canada

Attending a geomatics event or professional conference is a great way to keep update about what is currently happening in the Geomatics industry and also an opportunity to have a good time while networking and mingling with others. Many organizations across Canada offer great conferences and events, so the Conference and Events section provides free information about the various GIS related conferences, events, workshops, training and webinars that are available to or could be of related interest to other Canadians. Some upcoming geomatics related conference and events in Canada include ...
iVAULT for ArcGIS Streamlines Government Services in Canada's North

iVAULT for ArcGIS Streamlines Government Services in Canada’s North

Pacific Alliance Technologies is giving a presentation about iVAULT at Esri International User Conference titled iVAULT for ArcGIS Streamlines Government Services in Canada's North. Recently, I was contacted and asked to invite the Canadian GIS readers to join Pacific Alliance Technologies for a live sneak peak Free Webinar demo of iVAULT 5.0 for ArcGIS Server.
Niagara Falls Online Maps & Open Data

Niagara Falls Online Maps & Data Downloads

The GIS folks at the City of Niagara Falls have done a great job with their efforts of supporting open government initiatives by providing Canadians with data sets to use in their own GIS software applications and also for providing the Falls Viewer for those that do not have access to GIS software. If you have a need for data in the Niagara Falls region or just want to play around with available data sets then we recommend that you take some time and check out the data sets and applications provided.