Geo Community Projects Portal to be Launched August 2016

GeoAlliance Canada - Geo Community Projects PortalGeo Community Projects Portal to be Launched August 2016

GeoAlliance Canada will soon be launching their community projects portal, a valuable piece of digital infrastructure that they hope will allow their members to refine project ideas, build teams, and seek out funding. The portal will provide a neutral platform for project teams to share documents and collaborate. Project submissions must fall into one of three categories: data access, education and capacity building, or sector identity.

All eligible submissions will be considered by an appointed Project Review Committee, and GeoAlliance Canada will support approved projects in the following ways…

• By connecting project leads with potential team members across the country and across the sectors and disciplines that make up the Canadian geospatial community;
• By connecting people with similar ideas and encouraging them to work together to reduce duplication and share resources where it makes sense to do so;
• By providing a detailed evaluation of each project proposal, with feedback to help the project lead develop and refine their idea;
• By supporting external funding applications made by project teams;
• By providing communications and marketing support through GeoAlliance’s cross-country, cross-sector outreach;
• By providing oversight and accountability to help project teams meet their milestones;
• By administering a dedicated budget for community-led projects.

The portal and Project Review Committee are being launched by GeoAlliance in a bid to reduce unnecessary duplication of efforts across our community and increase the overall investment in projects that benefit our community. The portal is designed to be flexible and scalable over time. By focusing our collective energy on feasible, high impact projects, we will raise the profile of the geography, geomatics and geospatial professions across Canada.


Click here to find out more details such as how will the portal operate … (Note: Project leads must belong to an organization that is a GeoAlliance Canada member in good standing)