Google now providing Google Earth Pro for Free

Download Google Earth Pro Free

Google Earth, a virtual 3D mapping and geographical information software package (originally known as EarthViewer 3D) provided free by Google has been one of the key elements over the past few years that has helped people become more aware of the geomatics industry.

These days you mention to anyone that you work with maps and most people will ask you if it is with Google?

With Google Earth, you can quickly scroll anywhere on the Earth using the virtual interactive spinning globe made up of various satellite and aerial imagery and zoom in to optimize your view with geographic information like maps, terrain data, 3D buildings and much more. Google Earth has become very popular and is used by a wide variety of end users from students to professionals. Most people are aware of the more common free downloadable version and may not even realize that Google has been selling an upgraded version with more features called Google Earth Pro.

The Google Earth Pro version contains all the features and the same imagery data sets as the regular Google Earth version does, but includes more advanced functionality such as the ability to measure 3D buildings, import GIS data, print high-resolution images, and create virtual flight simulated movies. Click here, for a complete list of added software functionality and available options in the Google Earth Pro version.

Until now users had to pay a fee to use the Pro version, but now users will be able to use Google Earth Pro for free, simply register for a Google Earth Pro licence key and download the software.