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Access Nova Scotia Online Civic Map Viewer

Nova Scotia Civic Address Project (NSCAF) is a geo-referenced provincial digital civic address data file that has been combined with user-friendly online web applications.

The Access Nova Scotia Civic Viewer is the online mapping application used to view civic map information, with a free public viewer version and another version containing more information for certain parties that need more detailed information and the ability to update the information of the database.

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Antipodes Maps

Have you ever thought where you would end up if you drilled a tunnel through the center of the Earth and climbed out the other side? Well that location is considered an antipodal point. The antipodes of any place on a globe is the point on the surface which is diametrically opposite to it. Have a little fun exploring geography with this interactive antipodes calculator map.

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What3words – Making Addressing Easier

What3Words is a relatively new geocoding system that is actively being used around the world to help make it easier to describe the spatial location of an area. According to the United Nations about 75 percent of the world (almost 4 billion people) has not been properly addressed, making it hard to locate where people live, something that we take for granted here in Canada. Even Esri has made the service available in ArcGIS Online and for ArcGIS for Desktop …

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Wheelmap – Wheelchair Accessible Maps

Wheelmap is an online mapping application by a German non-profit association, to help promote wheelchair accessible places (currently more than 550,000 points of interests in eighteen different languages have been added) and allow people to find out if a location is accessible or not.

It is also hoped that with public awareness raised through the use of Wheelmap, that more owners of public buildings will be encouraged to improve their location’s accessibility.

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New Interactive Map allows people to Connect with The International Space Station

The Interactive Tweet Map is sort of an inverse idea to the original one, as this one is maps the many locations around the world where people have spotted the International Space Station. The community driven project is open to all and anyone can contribute. Your Tweet will then automatically appear on the map at your location containing your tweet with your info & photo …

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Ontario Trail Maps

The Ontario Trails Council is a charity that was created to promote the development, preservation and management recreational related trails in Ontario. Several Ontario trail maps have been created to help people find cycling routes and loops with descriptions, hiking and walking trails, and other recreation related trails such as ATV, snowmobiling, canoeing and many more.

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Atlas of Mi’kmaw Place Names

The most complete geographical representation ever created of Mi’kma’ki (territory inhabited by the Mi’kmaq) and Mi’kmaw Place Names is now available online thanks to the efforts of more than 100 people, spanning thousands of hours of work over five years.Interactive Atlas of Mi’kmaw Place Names in Nova Scotia. The digital atlas includes an online interactive map with more than 700 place names derived from approximately 1500 names collected throughout Nova Scotia from interviews with Mi’kmaw Elders and others.

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The Regina Online Culture Map

Information of various Regina events and activities can now be easily found on their online interactive Culture Web Map. With this neat little tool the city provides information on many of it’s cultural resources. The web map is based on ESRI web server technology and has been looks rather sharp while keeping it as simple as can be so that it appeals to almost everyone.

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Trans Canada Trail – interactive web map

It is the worlds longest networked multi-use recreational trail system that consists of more than 16500 kilometers of the fully operational trails across Canada.

Every day Canadians and international visitors use the Trans Canada Trails walk, bike, ski, canoe and snowmobile along. Several information Pavilions have been established across the system to provide information about sections of the trail helping people to experience Canada’s unique landscapes.

Their online web map offers an interactive web map based on ESRI technology that provides users with a new way to explore and learn more about the Trans Canada Trail System.

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All-in-one mapping tool designed for property development with instant access to planning, environmental info and zoning maps for the Greater Toronto Area.

Users simply enter their address into the search tool to begin and you then they are provided with different mapping layers overlayed ontop of their property, allowing you to determine its true development value.

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Canadian Pirate maps

Pirate maps are often hand drawn spatial representation on paper that mark locaions of buried treasues and are ussually appear rough or tattered from being passed through time or simply being used in the rough elements, like on salt spray on the deck of a pirate ship.

Where does one look when they want to find Canadian Pirate Maps?

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