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Prince Edward Island Aerial Photograph
Type of Geospatial Resource:

The province of Prince Edward Island has always been pretty good and open about making their PEI aerial photography freely available. You can download scanned Aerial Photography dating back to 1935 …

Moncton Open Data
Type of Geospatial Resource:

The Moncton Open Data is the City’s public platform for exploring and downloading open data and information documents, discovering and building apps, and engaging to solve important local issues. With the Moncton Open Data you can analyze and combine geospatial datasets using maps, as well as develop new web and mobile applications. 

New Brunswick Open Data Portal
Type of Geospatial Resource:

The Government of New Brunswick began creating its first geospatial data sets back in the early 1990s. At that time, geographic information was beyond the reach of most people and industry. In the intervening years, geospatial technology has become available to a wider and wider array of groups and individuals. In the interests of enhancing both the life and business opportunities for the people of New Brunswick, the department is proud to supply data for public consumption, either through direct access or by download.

New Brunswick Wind Atlas
Type of Geospatial Resource: ,

The province of New Brunswick offers a digital High Resolution Wind Resource that they call the New Brunswick Wind Atlas on their Service New Brunswick (SNB) website. The provinces wind data set is tiled into smaller higher resolution thematic maps of New Brunswick matching their topographic mapping network grid and depicting “Mean Wind Speeds (m/s) at 80 m AGL (above ground level)”

City of Yellowknife Open Data
Type of Geospatial Resource:

The City of Yellowknife’s Open Data Portal gives application developers and GIS users the ability to easily access the most requested spatial data sets.

Open Data Ottawa
Type of Geospatial Resource:

The City of Ottawa provides free access to many of its data sets through a dedicated data portal called Open Data Ottawa.

Rouyn-Noranda Open Data
Type of Geospatial Resource:

The City of Rouyn-Noranda, a dynamic and cultural student city, gives its citizens access to a variety of data. It wishes to highlight the potential of its open data, increase the transparency of its administration and improve service to its citizens.

Browse the various Rouyn-Noranda Open Data available …

Shawinigan Open Data
Type of Geospatial Resource:

Since 2015, the Shawinigan Open Data portal has been accessible to all in a spirit of transparency and improvement of services to citizens.

The site contains digital data distributed in a structured way according to a particular method, with an open license guaranteeing their free access and reuse.

Browse the various data available for Shawinigan, Québec …