Sask Interactive Mapping
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Saskatchewan online mapping application …

Type of Geospatial Resource:
Nova Scotia Wind Atlas

The Nova Scotia Wind Atlas is a project of the Nova Scotia Department of Energy developed in a partnership with the K.C. Irving Chair in Sustainable Development at the University of Moncton and the Applied Geomatics Research Group at the Nova Scotia Community College.

Canadian Wind Atlas
Type of Geospatial Resource:

The Canadian Wind Atlas shows the slicing of the Canadian territory in 65 tiles on which numerical simulations were performed. It displays an overview of the different fields that were calculated: mean wind speed and energy for three different heights, as well as three geographic fields …

City of Whitehorse GIS Open Data
Type of Geospatial Resource:

The City of Whitehorse GIS Open Data portal provides various data layers in CAD, GIS, and Google Earth formats. Download data sets related to base map data, transportation, environment, infrastructure, land use planning, municipal data, property, and aerial photography.

New Brunswick Wind Atlas
Type of Geospatial Resource:

The province of New Brunswick offers a digital High Resolution Wind Resource that they call the New Brunswick Wind Atlas on their Service New Brunswick (SNB) website. The provinces wind data set is tiled into smaller higher resolution thematic maps of New Brunswick matching their topographic mapping network grid and depicting “Mean Wind Speeds (m/s) at 80 m AGL (above ground level)”