Town of Okotoks Maps and Open Data

The Town of Okotoks provides a variety of interactive maps, prepared digital maps and GIS data layers.

Taber Open Data
Type of Geospatial Resource:

The Taber Open Data collection includes LiDAR data, digital elevation models, topographic data and much more …

Alberta Geomatics Group
Type of Geospatial Resource:

The Alberta Geomatics Group provides a place for everyone involved in the geomatics community to gather, learn, and share.

Strathcona County Open Data
Type of Geospatial Resource:

Strathcona County is committed to enable any member of the public to ‘unleash the value’ within the Strathcona County Open Data catalogue. Individuals, groups or classrooms, businesses or the community at large are some of the users who may find value in the data.

GeoDiscover Alberta
Type of Geospatial Resource:

GeoDiscover Alberta provide quality, authoritative mapping data to citizens that falls under the open data license to the Alberta Government Open Data Site.

St. Albert Open Data
Type of Geospatial Resource:

The City of St. Albert is committed to providing free public access to municipal data. Sharing their data supports transparency, accountability, innovation, economic development, and stakeholder engagement. The St. Albert Open Data Catalogue is powered by ESRI’s ArcGIS Open Data platform.

Utikuma Lake Open Data
Type of Geospatial Resource:

Utikuma Lake region is located in north-central Alberta. Open data for this area includes high-resolution satellite imagery, digital elevation models, LiDAR, topographic data, boundary data and more.

Alberta Open Data Portal
Type of Geospatial Resource:

Alberta Open Data Portal makes data that the Government of Alberta collects on behalf of citizens publicly available. It contains a variety of datasets and publications by government departments and agencies.