Geospatial Business or Organization : Plan-It Geographical
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Brief Description: Plan-It Geographical is a GIS mapping based in Ontario. I specialize in municipal planning and have experience with making Official Plan maps, Zoning By-law Maps, Site Plans and all other planning documents and processes.
City: Collingwood
Province: Ontario
Advanced Access Engineering
Geospatial Business or Organization : Advanced Access Engineering
Brief Description: Advanced Access Engineering’s unmanned vehicle operations are in compliance with and adhere to various industry specific policies and procedures that allow for safe and efficient operations in various environments. We provide unmanned aerial and surface vehicle solutions to support engineering, inspection and mapping activities.
City: Conception Bay South
Province: Newfoundland and Labrador
Abacus Datagraphics
Geospatial Business or Organization : Abacus Datagraphics
Brief Description: Their knowledgeable drafting team can take your mapping vision and turn it into a reality
City: Red Deer
Province: Alberta
UAViation Aerial Solutions Ltd.
Geospatial Business or Organization : UAViation Aerial Solutions Ltd.
Brief Description: Since 2015, UAViation Aerial Solution (UAS) is an innovative drone-as-a-service company providing you the technology you need to simplify, enhance, and inform your workflow. Based in Coquitlam, B.C., our team of professional unmanned aerial vehicle experts are dedicated to providing on-demand services anywhere in Canada that is significantly faster and more accurate than traditional methods. Capturing […]
City: Coquitlam
Province: British Columbia