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Indigenous Mapping Workshop

The Indigenous Mapping Workshops help support geospatial capacity building to further generate programs, and resources to promote Indigenous Peoples’ ability to collect, analyze, and visualize community-based geospatial information.

The Indigenous Mapping Workshop and its strategic partners are dedicated to the development and advancement of culturally appropriate and inclusive geospatial technologies for Indigenous leadership, agencies, and communities to support Indigenous rights and interests.

The 2019 Indigenous Mapping Workshop in Inuvik is targeted towards Canada’s northern communities and will host up to 75 participants. It will explore the NWT Geomatics Portal, Inuvialuit Settlement Region Online Platform, Google, Esri Canada, QGIS, Mapbox, OpenStreetMap, and other geospatial tools.

Indigenous Mapping Workshop

Participants will learn how to use these tools to collect, host, visualize, share, and publish community generated data and better understand how to apply these skills to issues impacting Canada’s northern communities. The technical training will be co-led by The Firelight Group, Google Earth Outreach, Google’s Trainer Network, Esri Canada, Mapbox, and a global network of Indigenous mapping experts.

Dates: October 8th – 10th

Location: Midnight Sun Complex (95 Gwich’in Road Inuvik, BT X0E 0T0)


Indigenous Mapping Workshop

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