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I am sure that almost any geomatics professional would agree that a major part of any GIS are the data sets involved. The data can be in the form of vectors, rasters, aerial photography or statistical tabular data and most often the data component can be very costly or labor intensive. But it doesn’t always have to be that way, as there are plenty of great resources available that offer free open Canadian data that you can use with your geomatics projects to generate geospatial products. In fact more and more are popping up all over the web and some cities like Ottawa are even having contests to help promote the use of their data.

Over the past few years has been highlighting and promoting various cities and provinces in Canada that have done a great job providing Open Geospatial Data and applications to the public. During that time there has been plenty of great praise, feedback and emails regarding these efforts in helping to promote Canadian geospatial data and ensuring that everybody in the geomatics community knows where to find data for their projects.

I created this page a few years ago to collaborate links of all the open geospatial data info (sites that offer data downloads at no cost and without restrictions), fee based geospatial data, online web mapping applications and other great sources of geospatial information (including National, Provincial and Regional levels). I am sure that this comprehensive list of open geospatial data, fee based geospatial data, web mapping applications and cartographic products will be valuable to many of us (as I get hundreds of emails and requests regarding “Where can I find data for …?”) so I will continue to update it when I learn of new information.

If you know of any other sites offering Canadian data (freely available or fee based) that may help others in geomatics and it is not listed here then let me know and I will update the list. In the mean time start using some of these great resources that we have available in Canada to generate geospatial products.

[page last updated August 2015]

National Data


GeoGratisGeoGratis by Natural Resources Canada offers geospatial data including satellite imagery, tabular and vector Data in a wide range of formats. They have also recently added a few APIs to their collection and completely revamped the web site – Note: GeoGratis has a new and improved web site released in 2013


A federal, provincial and territorial government initiative created by the Canadian Council on Geomatics, user registration is required for downloading data but there are no costs. Note: Although Natural Resources Canada is a major contributor to Geobase the data sets found here are not always the same as  on GeoGratis so it is a good idea to check both sites when doing your data searches.


The GeoConnections Discovery Portal is a metadata catalogue that enables GIS users, developers and data suppliers to locate online location based Canadian geospatial information, including maps and satellite images focused in public health, public safety and security, the environment and sustainable development, Aboriginal matters, and geomatics technology development. Data from this site varies and includes thematic data, topographic data, satellite imagery, air photos and much more.
– (GeoConnections program information and resources)

Atlas of Canada

Canadian Northern MapThe Atlas of Canada has been around for more then 100 years but has changed significantly since its early days ( The majority of content on this site consist of pre-made geographic map products at a national level that you can order or download for free & print on your own. Note: The website is changing again, to match the way maps are retrieved and displayed to comply with the Government of Canada’s web content accessibility guidelines.


Government of Canada Open Data Portal

This is the Government of Canada’s commitment to open government that aims to drive innovation and economic opportunities for all Canadians. It was  developed mainly as a central location for making government data freely available in industry standard recognized formats. Lots of data found here from several different Canadian Government Departments as well as links to Provincial and Municipal open government geospatial sites. &

More Canadian Data Sources

Free Georeferenced Topographic Map Sheets –

3D Canadian Buildings & Landmarks to your GIS projects –

Trans Canada Trail – image of Parliament Hill Ottawa

UTM zones & rows map – With this world map you can easily find out what UTM zone you are working from.

Environment Canada

Various environmental data collections from Environment Canada; in many disciplines including wildlife, biodiversity, water, air, soil, climate, pollution, environmental prediction and environmental technologies.

Water and Environmental Hub (WEHUB) – A project with a cloud based open data platform to help make it easier for individuals and organizations to find, access, and share water and environmental data.

Provincial & Regional Canadian Data



ALberta Open Data Portal The portal makes data the provincial government collects on behalf of citizens publicly available in machine readable formats with an open licence.

Alberta Geological Survey AGS has a large selection of maps for different areas of Alberta showing surficial and bedrock geology, drift thickness, groundwater/hydrogeology, and mineral resources. Their recent maps include PDF maps and GIS shape files and their interactive geological maps let you browse, query and download GIS data.

AltaLIS Alberta data available through a partnership with the Alberta Government and Spatial Data Warehouse, it has been the main supplier of Alberta Base Mapping Data to the private sector since 1998. AltaLIS offers digital mapping products categorized into three main groups: Property, Base, and Terrain. Note: Most data at this site is not free but they do offer updated imagery products for almost 40% of the province.

GeoDiscover Alberta – GeoDiscover Alberta provides access to maps, and geospatial data for the Province of Alberta.

Alberta Historical Orthophotos – georeferenced orthophoto maps consisting of aerial photography mainly from 1949 to 1951 with coverage for the whole province

Banff – &

Calgary, Alberta  – Open Data Catalogue –

Calgary Region Data –

Calgary CITYonline Map Viewer –

City of Airdrie Data –

Grande Prairie, Alberta –

Edmonton, Alberta –


Medicine Hat, Alberta –

Red Deer, Alberta –

Southwestern Alberta (ORRSC planning region)

British Columbia

DataBC was one of the first provincial open data sites in Canada logo Data BC & &


Open Data Society of BC  –

Community Mapping Network

Langley, British Columbia –

North Okanagan, British Columbia –

Nanaimo, British Columbia –

North Vancouver, British Columbia –

Prince George, British Columbia –



Saanich, British Columbia –

Surrey, British Columbia –

Vancouver, British Columbia –
VanGuide – a social web map using Vancouver open data –

GeoCommons – an interactive Vancouver Reference Map –


Manitoba Land Initiative – Great source for geo-spatial information from the Government of Manitoba, intended for both the GIS expert and the decision maker allowing on-line access to the MLI corporate land data warehouse. Users must be registered but it is free to register

Surficial Geology Compilation Map Series (SGCMS)

Brandon, Manitoba –

Winnipeg, Manitoba –

Winnipeg OpenData portal –

New BrunswickNew Brunswick top data

GeoNB by Service New Brunswick provides Geographic Data & Maps for the province of New Brunswick including topographic layers, property data, orthophotomaps and much more.


Fredericton, New Brunswick

New Brunswick Wind Atlas –

Newfoundland and Labrador

Open Data Newfoundland and Labrador –
Community Accounts Map Centre – (collection of pre-made maps)

Community Infrastructure Mapping System – A community information shared program via google maps

Nova ScotiaGeological Map of Newfoundland 1919

GeoNOVA – The Province of Nova Scotia’s gateway to geographic information about Nova Scotia. Includes free maps but mostly licensed data sets and imagery –


Halifax Regional Municipality Open data Portal –

Mineral Resources Branch Digital Products –

Ortho Imagery for Central Nova Scotia –

Department of Natural Resources Forestry GIS Data

NWTNorth West Territories

NWT Centre for Geomatics

ATLAS (The Administration of the Territorial Land Acts System)


Nunavut Geoscience – (no much data but there are pre made maps)

Nunavut Minerals database (NUMIN


Province of Ontario open data portal –
Ontario Topographic Data &

Ministry of Natural Resources –

Ontario Ministry of the Environment

GLIN (Great Lakes Information Network)

LIO (Land Information Ontario)

Ontario Basic Mapping (OBM) site by the Geography Network

Geology Ontario

Burlington, Ontario –

Grand River Information Network (GRIN) – data for the Grand River watershed

Guelph, Ontario –

Halton, Ontario –

Hamilton – Viewer

City of Kitchener []

London, Ontario – 

Open London

Mississauga, Ontario –

Niagara Falls, Ontario –



Niagara Region, Ontario –

Ottawa, Ontario –

Peel Region, Ontario –

Toronto, Ontario –


Waterloo, Ontario –
Open Data Waterloo Region –

Waterloo Region open-data group –

Windsor, Ontario –

Prince Edward IslandPEI online map aerial photo index map (air photos available for the whole Province with many historic sets as well) –

PEI GIS Data Catalog –


Government of Québec –

Gatineau –
Open Gatineau –

Montréal, Québec –

Québec City, Québec

SaskatchewanDawson City Quickbird 2006



Information Services Corporation of Saskatchewan offers real-time, graphical data that assists in searching for plans of surveys, parcels and titles. ISC also provides services such as custom mapping, acquisition of satellite images and aerial photography. –

Regina, Saskatchewan –



Saskatoon, Saskatchewan –


Geomatics Yukon

Yukon Planning Atlas by the Yukon Land Use Planning Council

[This is a dynamic page that changes all the time and was originally published March, 2008]

Disclaimer: Although I do test all links that I publish on, those links and sites are not under my control and therefore are provided here solely for your information and convenience. Neither nor myself are responsible for the accuracy or reliability of the content and or information found on these sites through these links. Also note that sites can change from time without notice. If anyone discovers dead links or has new information then by all means let me know and I will update this page.

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  5. GeoBC should definitely make this list, it’s the major hub for BC geospatial data, which includes the underlying Land and Resource Data Warehouse.

    Great site, a lot of great information here – thanks!

  6. Corey Hickey says:

    I am impressed with all the Geomatics information posted here, my friend. The color of the layout is also cool and effortless on the eyes. Would love more sites like this from others.

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    Will definitely needr Vancouver area data

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    I agree that GeoBC should be on the list as well. Keep on updating this blog by the way.
    I really enjoy what I am seeing so far.

  9. Johnny says:

    Acknowledge that you learn just as much, if not more, from your failures as you do from your successes.

  10. mike p says:

    Another data portal to add to your list:

    Government of Northwest Territories (GNWT) Spatial Data Warehouse – Geospatial Portal

  11. hamed says:

    i need to edcation of gis plese help me

  12. Amanda says:

    Thanks so much for this compilation of data sources! As a researcher in the US doing large scale mapping and modeling that crosses political borders, I’m often searching for Canadian data and am unfamiliar with the many resources out there.

  13. Andrea says:

    Does anyone know of GIS data that includes the coordinates of Canadian border crossings?
    Thanks in advance for the help.

  14. Chris says:

    Looking for GIS Data (Wells, Roads, Oil and Gas, etc etc) for the Northwest Territories. I was able to find what I needed for BC (OGCBC) and the Yukon (Geomatics Yukon) but nothing for the NWT. Any suggestions?

  15. James Sweeny says:

    let me know if you ever get data for Ottawa

  16. Bean says:

    If you’re looking for Quebec data go to:
    C’est tous en français so you’ll have to look up the terms in order to search. A good resource is Termium:

  17. Peter Willis says:

    What a fantastic resource!
    Through a link on this page I determined that the sink holes in my family’s yard in Mississauga are from buried apple orchard stumps from the 1950’s! Thanks aerial photo repository and thanks Ted for the links!

  18. Leslie says:

    Great resource! The second link for the City of Kitchener is broken. Thanks.

  19. […] For more data see also this lengthy list provided by CanadianGIS […]

  20. insyzygy says:


    Great site.

    I am looking for latest data for Canadian road network with RANK attributed. The latest I can find is the 2011 dataset for Stats Canada. There is a 2014 dataset too but only Class is attributed, not Rank. I really don’t want to do a Spatial Join for a dataset that large…


  21. […] 5m resolution color shaded relief was created from elevation and topographic data made available from GeoGratis under the Open Government Licence with a combination of PCI geomatica and Adobe illustrator […]

  22. tac says:

    This Canadian Hydrographic Service website has Canadian bathymetry at 500 metre resolution. This is available as numerous tiles in BAG format.

    There is also a highly-detailed high water polyline coastline.

    There is also some classified sea floor data based upon historic physical samples of the sea floor, of undetermined quality.

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